Before I start rattling off career development tips, I should introduce myself so you can decide if my advice is worth a read.

I’m an ordinary person. And my work history is pretty ordinary. I started working as early as I was allowed to do so: babysitting (I even had business cards); selling 1996 Olympics souvenirs at the local flea market; retail (the Hello Kitty store at the mall, where much of my pay went toward Pochacco planners and Keroppi pens); all types of positions at restaurants (I even worked BOH, where I was a big hit with the cooks even though I was pretty terrible at my job).

I worked through college, got a real corporate job as a paralegal after college, then went to law school. Graduated from law school. Got my first law firm job. Left after a year to become in-house counsel. Then went back to a law firm two years later. I spent three years at that law firm until one day a fork appeared in the road. Instead of staying straight, I turned. Today I’m COO, General Counsel, and Co-Founder of a tech startup. My business partner is a distinguished NFL legend who I met through my law firm. We don’t have money or a product on the market yet; but we have a great idea, we have shared values, and we have drive.

We’re ordinary people striving to do extraordinary things. And, what I’ve learned on my journey so far, is that we’re just two of countless others out there who are doing the same. Embrace being ordinary – but choose to run along the path that leads to extraordinary things. I hope this blog will inspire and empower you to do so.

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