“Origination” is a career development blog written by an ordinary person with an evolving career.

I titled the blog “Origination” because it focuses on the evolutionary steps ordinary people face when trying to achieve career satisfaction. In the law firm sphere, which is where my career started, “origination” refers to the creation and development of new business for the firm. Origination credit that results in a “book of business” is one of the most valuable, and portable, assets a law firm lawyer can obtain. For many, it is the key to satisfaction in a big law firm setting.

The English major in me sees the word “origination” as so much more than standard law firm jargon. “Origination” derives from “origin,” which is “the point or place at which something begins.” But the law firm lawyer’s career really does not begin when she gets her first client. Most lawyers don’t get their first client until they’ve jumped through hoops, achieved milestones, navigated around obstacles, and honed a somewhat mysterious list of soft and hard skills. Similarly, no person – whether a lawyer or engineer or entrepreneur or hair stylist – reaches ultimate career satisfaction without tackling a multitude of steps, twists, and turns along the way.

My ultimate goal is for this site to be a repository of triumphs, failures, and lessons learned by a diverse array of ordinary people striving to do extraordinary things, or achieve personal satisfaction, in their professional lives. I don’t want to be the only voice on this blog. Please feel free to contact me at editor@origination.blog if you wish to be a fellow Originator, contributing your own career development anecdotes and tips. And thank you for taking time to visit!


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